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Add Pineapples and Soy Beans to Your Diet!


While it is generally recommended to lose body fat, when trying to naturally increase your HGH production, there are certain fruits and vegetables that help in doing just that!


Who doesn’t like the tropical and tangy taste of pineapple? While eating a pineapple can take you to Hawaii in your imagination, did you know that it is one of the best sources of natural serotonin?


Serotonin is produced in our brains and our digestive tracts and aids in relaxation. Having a few pineapple slices not only help you relax but also boost your HGH production!


However, a word of caution, steer clear of tinned pineapple as it is generally doused in a sugar-rich syrup!


Opt, instead, for fresh pineapple! See Here for more Details by DietHealthMag!


Soy beans are known as one of the best vegan sources of proteins. Snacking on beans has been known to increase HGH production, as they are excellent sources of the amino acid L-Arginine, which is one of the constituents of growth hormone! http://www.behance.net/diethealthmag


A High-Protein Meal Will Do You Good!


We all know the importance of beefing up, when we are working out. After all, muscles are pure protein and what better way to build muscles than to indulge in a high-protein meal?


Besides keeping you full for longer, your favorite, grilled steak is rich in L-Ornithine. This amino acid has been shown to improve HGH production up to four tie above the base line!


How cool is that!



Increasing Your HGH Levels Not Only Gives Your Workouts a Boost, but Also Helps in Building Muscles Naturally!


Maintain a Healthy Diet and a Regular Exercise Routine to Get the Body You Want!